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Rockers from Gliders by Miller

Bent Oak Rocker

The soothing pleasure of the rocking chair originated in North America sometime during the early 18th century.  Since then, countless generations have been rocked to sleep, relaxed comfortably amongst family and friends, and enjoyed the warmth of the fireplace on a cold evening.

Moreso, the rocking chair is ergonomically pleasing because it continually shifts the the user's pressure points while reducing stress on the spine.  Though many products have come and gone, the rocking chair has remained a steadfast favorite for over 300 years.

At Gliders by Miller, we offer a selection of USA-made adult rockersas well as perfectly sized children's rockers.  Choose from Oak, Brown Maple, Cherry, and Quartersawn White Oak finished with a quality Ohio Certified Stain.  Optional cushions are available.

All from Gliders by Miller — the true Amish Rocker Shop!

We have more products available than shown here. For more information, give us a call at 330.359.0151 or visit our showroom!